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Workshop: Business Boot Camp

05 Mar 2021 3:07 PM | Kathleen Kinser, CPP (Administrator)

  • Megan Murray’s  all day workshop “Business Bootcamp” was chock full of great information. She started the day by discussing the importance of setting goals for your business and checking in on them to see where you are and how it is going, either monthly, quarterly or semi-annually. She shared about SMART Goals and talked about how important it is to not always set goals that are easily attainable, we need to think bigger and work towards bigger goals in order to grow our businesses. Then having a little celebration when we do accomplish a goal even if it is just going out to dinner or buying something you wanted.


    She also covered pricing strategies, the different types of packages, creating a good strong client workflow and tweaking it when you see that something isn’t working well. We covered the in person sales flow as well as how to raise your average sales through different strategies such as:

  • ·      Educating the Client
  • ·      Adding Value
  • ·      Adding Variety
  • ·      Guiding the Client
  • ·      Upselling and Down Selling

Marketing was another area discussed and the importance and ways to bring in new clients, Leads and return clients. Branding, SEO, Blogging and Community Marketing are all ways of doing this. Creating a Marketing calendar to help you is a great way to see what you are doing and to keep up with and plan your events or advertising.

This workshop was very informative and really got you thinking and planning for the future, I highly recommend her workshop and I just really enjoyed everyone in the class and all of their input and participation.

Review by Alison Montgomery

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