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Landscape Workshop Review by Kathy Kinser

12 Jun 2024 8:16 AM | Kathleen Kinser, CPP (Administrator)

Create Award Winning Landscape Images

presented by

Michael Reiland

How to get started taking a landscape photo?  How to get ready for a photo trip?  Michael Reiland began his workshop discussing the planning that should come before the day you arrive to capture the landscape.  It is important to start with the end in mind.  This will take some research on place, time of year, time of day etc.  Time of day will be important in capturing the golden/blue hour magic.   Michael uses a vision board for inspiration & creates a folder for each trip when he plans to take photos.  

He discussed the choices of lens, aperture and shutter speed to achieve the image you choose to capture.  It is not always necessary to use a tripod but it is necessary to steady your camera whether by balancing your body when hand holding or placing on a rock etc. 

Michael discussed the 12 Elements of a Merit Image, using landscape images as examples of each element.  I found this analysis to be very helpful.  It is important to understand the composition of a landscape image before you press the shutter.   Do not get stuck in one place but move around to get different views.  Landscape photography takes patience and persistence.  When you have taken a large number of landscape  images, you will see a personal style developing. 

Next Michael discussed HDR photography both settings in the camera and post processing.  He then discussed the techniques to take panoramic images and how to stitch them together in Lightroom.  Michael discussed the different types of media that he uses for his landscape images.

Most of all Michael recommends we step out of our comfort zone and go some place we would not normally choose.  Stay positive, keep smiling and don’t forget to look up and behind you for the magic. 

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