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PPGH Workshop Recap - Nikky LaWell

23 Jul 2019 9:30 AM | Kevin Falcon, Cr.Photog., CPP (Administrator)

Workshop Recap: Nikky LaWell - Refining and Operating Your Home Business 

On July 20th, PPGH member Nikky LaWell, presented a workshop to our members about refining andoperating your home business. After introducing herself to the group and a round of participant introductions, she discussed shared ideas on how to set up and run your home-based photography studio. There was a great handout (19 pages) that had great resources such as: customer service (what it is); books to read; websites to research; phone script ideas; email communications; process & procedures; sales; Thank Yous; and social media. 

She spent a great deal on explaining that you must know who your customer is and ways to identify them as well as how to meet them. She allowed ample time for everyone to ask questions as we learned new topics. The handout was great as it allowed everyone to listen and take notes along the margins!

After lunch we did a tour of Nikky’s office space and she walked us through a sample customer phone call and discussed how she has scripts she has developed to help drive the discussion with a new client so she has captures all she needs to get started in her session planning. She showed us her previous notes that she used for a previous family session client. She drew out the placement of the family members so when she was on location she did not waste time. She had several family poses set up. She also told us some of her more challenging sessions when the weather did not want to cooperate and how she overcame those challenges.

Our day went quickly and everyone was very enthusiastic to apply their new learning. Another great PPGH workshop in the books. Thank you, Nikky!


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