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Laura Mansur: Everything You Wanted to Know About Light Modifiers

15 Jun 2020 9:26 PM | Theresa Campbell, CPP (Administrator)

Laura’s workshop on lighting and modifiers was an absolute blast! She started with a single hard light, replicating hard shadows from sunlight, and we worked into softer light and some low key lighting. Being a smaller group (four of us), we all had ample time to photograph and Laura made us figure out how we wanted to light our subject. Between the hard light of a beauty dish, various soft boxes, and the soft light of a 86” umbrella, it was great to experiment and Laura taught about light falloff, the inverse square rule, and seeing how shadows fall on our subject. Many thanks to Ashley for being a patient model for us.

If you haven’t taken Laura’s class, jump on it next time because it fills up quickly!


  • 23 Jun 2020 3:15 PM | PartickMoran
    If a scene has natural or artificial light, a light-modifier may be used to create a particular mood. You can highlight something significant in a scene with modifiers, soften the harshness or flatter a subject.
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  • 01 Jul 2020 12:04 AM | Anonymous
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