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PPGH Fellowship Program

14 Oct 2020 4:14 PM | Laura Mansur, CPP (Administrator)

Did you know that PPGH has a Fellowship Program?

The PPGH Fellowship Program was designed as a means of rewarding individuals who have given freely of their time and talents in service to their fellow members.  The Fellowship Degree is earned in two phases, each phase requiring the member to earn fifty (50) points, for a total of one hundred (100) points.  In order to collect these points, a member must fill out the Fellowship application found under "Members Only" on the PPGH website by midnight on the Monday following the November monthly meeting. 

                             TIPS FOR GATHERING FELLOWSHIP POINTS

For a full breakdown of Fellowship Points, be sure to read the document on the PPGH website under MEMBERS ONLY>Fellowship Information. Hopefully, you have been documenting your Fellowship  points throughout the year, but if life has gotten in the way, here are a few tips to help you compile your points. Want to know how many meetings and workshops you attended for the year? Login to the PPGH then click on MY Event RegistrationsM. You will discover a nice, neat list of everything you attended. How easy is that!

Image Competition- If you were a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place winner, January 2020 through November 2020, you received a ribbon and these point will count toward your Full Fellowship for which 10 ribbons are required.  If you scored an 80 or above then that counts as a regular point, but may not be used for the 10 required points for Full Fellowship. Don't forget about any image competition awards that you may have received for the 2019 competition year.  Those points will be calculated in 2020 since you received the award (s) in December 2019. 

 Now, you should all know what committees you are on, because you have been working so hard and having so much fun! Remember, you have to serve on a committee for at least 6 months to collect a point. What , you are not on a committee?! Plan to volunteer for one in 2021 for some good times!

Remember, you get credit for your activity at the state and national level, too. Are you CPP or have you earned a degree recently from PP? Did you attend Imaging USA in Nashville? Did you judge for image competition? Have you recruited a new member? All of these things count, too! 

Don't forget you can download a PDF Fellowship form to help you gather your points so you will be ready to submit them in November. The form can be found under Members Only>Fellowship Information> Download Form Button> Fellowship tracking Chart.  So, don't wait until the last minute, start your homework now so you will be ready after the November meeting to submit your points. 

SUBMISSION: The submission deadline is Monday, November 23 at Midnight, one week after the November regular meeting. I would recommend that you start gathering your list now but wait until after the November meeting to submit, so you can be sure and receive credit for attending the last event before the cutoff date.  

I cannot wait to see who has earned their Fellowship or Full Fellowship for the 2020 year. 

Laura Mansur Guerra

Vice President, PPGH


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