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'Colt'-tivating Great Clients

05 Oct 2021 3:55 PM | Kathleen Kinser, CPP (Administrator)

'Colt'-tivating Great Clients

Workshop Review by Scott Holleman

This past week, Colt Melrose opened up his Winter Street studio and gave us a great workshop on creating great clients.

In the morning session, we discussed how to make your personality reflect in your business to attract the right client.   Colt had us create a storyboard of our personality (using giant sheets of paper on his walls!) and gave us quite some time to reflect on our strengths and weaknesses.  (By the way, we were all introverts, which is a plus!)

Carla, one of Colt’s repeat clients, came in for a mini session so that we could see how he listens and interacts with his clients.   She was fantastic, both in our discussions and as seeing Colt demonstrate his method of solving his client’s problems.  He also displayed how he uses a simple one light system for his clients in studio.  He also took us through an ordering session with Carla, which was helpful.

During and after lunch, we discussed our takeaways and how to take action in our own business.  He recommended several books that he found useful and Patty won a book as a door prize.

When Colt offers this workshop again, I’d take it again and would recommend it to any business owner, not just photographers.

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