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October 2019 - Image Competition 80+ Score Images

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  • 02 Nov 2019 9:30 AM | Theresa Campbell, CPP (Administrator)

    It’s almost a wrap for the year. We are hosting one last workshop by Teri Whittaker, who will be presenting Fine Art Flowers on November 14. We have Jennifer McGraw doing an evening only senior’s program on November 19. Then, on December 8 we will have our Holiday Gala and Awards program.

    One last thing please submit your fellowship points by midnight November 25. You can find the fellowship submission form on the website. After login, go to the Membership Only tab, pull down to the Fellowship Information section, then download the Fellowship Submission Form. Also, in the Membership Only tab, you can apply for one of our scholarships to be used at an upcoming training of your choice, by filling out the PPGH Scholarship Application. Scholarship winners will be announced at the Holiday Gala and Awards program.

    Duane Blocker, President PPGH

  • 30 Oct 2019 9:30 AM | Kevin Falcon, Cr.Photog., CPP (Administrator)

    We are fortunate to have a guild that appreciates continuing education for our members.  The guild usually awards at least two or three $500 scholarships, and one $750 scholarship for the Judges workshop.

    For a $500 scholarship, if you:

    1.       Have been a Professional Active Member for two (2) years,
    2.       Have not received a scholarship from PPGH in the previous three (3) years,
    3.       Have paid your current dues for the year of scholarship application,

    …..then you need to go online and complete a scholarship form.

    For the $750 Judges Workshop scholarship, if you:

    1.       Have been a Professional Active Member for three (3) years OR are a Lifetime Member,
    2.       Hold a PPA Degree or Certification (priority is given to Master Degree applications)
    3.       Have not received a scholarship from PPGH in the previous three (3) years,
    4.       Have paid your current dues for the year of scholarship application (not applicable to Lifetime Members),
    5.       Must be willing to be frequently available to judge PPGH image competition for 3 years
    …..then you need to go online and complete a Judge’s Workshop scholarship form.

    You will need to login to the www.ppgh.org website.  Go to the Members Only section.  (Hover over the three lines at the end of the Menu line and you will see the Members Only section.  Scroll down to the Scholarship area and submit the required information. Here is a direct link that will prompt you to login. Scholarship Information.

    If you are selected to receive a scholarship, the following reimbursement information will be helpful to you:

    1.       The scholarship is good for one year after the date it is awarded.
    2.       The scholarship may be used for a maximum of one educational event.
    3.       The scholarship has no cash value (it may not be redeemed for cash).
    4.       The scholarship may NOT be used for online education.
    5.       The scholarship recipient must have paid their current dues for the year of reimbursement (not applicable to Lifetime members).
    6.       The scholarship recipient must pay up front for the educational event.  Reimbursement to the scholarship recipient will occur only after the recipient has attended the educational event and reported back to the guild about their experience (either by Viewfinder article or by sharing in person at a monthly guild meeting), AND submitted their receipts for reimbursement to the Scholarship Chairman.

    The deadline for scholarship submission is 12 midnight, on November 25, 2019.

  • 28 Oct 2019 7:19 PM | Theresa Campbell, CPP (Administrator)

    Sherry & Teri created a very thorough presentation on posing which began with an explanation of how to do a facial analysis to determine the best ways to pose people.  We paired up and analyzed each other’s faces.  Then we each presented to the class how we would photograph this particular person and why.  This information increases our ability to photograph people at the correct angles that will flatter their facial features.

    Then they shared some important do and don’ts for eyes, nose and hands.  The next step was a demonstration of the basic standing and sitting poses of both men and women.   Attendees again paired up to practice and critique each other in both man & woman poses.  Sherry & Teri checked the different groups to ensure posing was being accurately modeled.  When the basic poses were performed correctly the group moved on to more advanced poses modeled by Sherry & Teri.

    The last segment of this class was posing groups, starting with two people and building up to large groups. It was reinforced that we must pay close attention to height, physical ability to bend or kneel, hands, feet, position on chairs etc to place people to their best advantage in the group photo.

    Practicing posing yourself, will help you be prepared to demonstrate posing to your clients to ensure they look great.  You will become more confident posing others, resulting in relaxed and natural looking subjects looking their best in the images you capture.

    Kathy Kinser, CPP
    PPGH Workshop Coordinator

    Hey, do you want to get more involved with PPGH?
    Join a committee like Kathy did and provide workshop reports!

  • 25 Oct 2019 1:30 PM | Duane Blocker, CPP (Administrator)


    For a full breakdown of Fellowship Points, be sure to read the document on the PPGH website under Members Only > Fellowship Information. Here's a link.

    Hopefully, you have been documenting your Fellowship points throughout the year, but if life has gotten in the way, here are a few tips to help you compile your points.

    Want to know how many meetings and workshops you attended for the year? Login to the PPGH then click on My Event Registrations. You will discover a nice, neat list of everything you attended. How easy is that!

  • 17 Oct 2019 9:30 AM | Kevin Falcon, Cr.Photog., CPP (Administrator)

    Click on the post title to view in a new webpage with a larger view. NOTE: Currently viewing this post from a computer is the only way to view the PDF.

    OCTOBER 2019

  • 19 Sep 2019 9:30 AM | Kevin Falcon, Cr.Photog., CPP (Administrator)

    (Click on the post title to view in a new webpage with a larger view)

    SEPTEMBER 2019

  • 19 Sep 2019 9:30 AM | Kevin Falcon, Cr.Photog., CPP (Administrator)

    5 Reasons To Get Involved — Volunteering In The Guild

    As a member of the guild, you may have thought about how you can maximize your investment of joining the guild. Another way many people describe this thought is “What’s In It For Me.” In this post I want to present  five simple reasons why getting involved by volunteering time on a committee is a great way to increase the benefits from your membership investment.

    I want to present  five simple reasons why getting involved by volunteering time on a committee is a great way to increase the benefits from your membership investment.

    Socialize ✹ Working as a member on a committee is a great way to meet other members. Spending time with other members while performing committee work allows more time to get to know the guild members . Many friendships and working relationships are formed by members during committee work. And you can’t have enough friends, right?

    Skill Development ✹ By volunteering, you have an opportunity to get exposure to other techniques and skills. In committee work, we sometime are challenged with tasks that we have never done. Working with other members, we are able to learn new skills which can possibly be implemented in your own business. A new skill is a great to add to your tool kit.

    Get connected ✹ Working with different members allows you the chance to network with the members. The connections can sometimes be a great help when you need an extra photographer for your team sports shoot. The guild is here to help members achieve a higher level of excellence in all aspects of the photographic industry. By your involvement, you are helping others to raise the bar in our industry.

    Build The Community ✹ We, the members, are the guild. And there is always something to be done. Schedule a meeting, organize speakers, and registering new members are just some of the tasks the guild does in an effort to maintain and grow the guild. Helping build and maintain this organization is the responsibility of each of us. If everyone does their share, the work of building our guild is strengthened by our members.

    Earn Recognition ✹ To reward your effort for volunteering your time and talents with the guild, you can earn Fellowship points. As an active member, volunteering on committees, participating in the image competition, and presenting an educational offering are but a few ways that members can earn Fellowship points which can lead to an Associate Fellowship and Full Fellowship degrees.

    So there you have it. Five easy ways that you can help make a difference in the guild prosperity and gain a return on your membership investment. Some other benefits of volunteering on committees are: it is a great opportunity to learn how the guild works; allows other members to get to know you; and if desired, it is an entryway to serving at a higher capacity in the guild such as a committee chairperson or board member. If you want to get more involved, please contact a committee member, committee chair, or a board member. We can always use a person’s time and talent to further the guild’s goals. And an extra pair of hands is always appreciated!

    Kevin Falcon
    PPGH Chairman of the Board

  • 17 Sep 2019 9:30 AM | Kevin Falcon, Cr.Photog., CPP (Administrator)

    Hey did you know we have a fellowship program?

    Click here to learn more about our Fellowship program.

    Learn about how you can be recognized for helping serve your guild!

    Our annual call for Fellowship points submission is coming up.

  • 22 Aug 2019 9:30 AM | Kevin Falcon, Cr.Photog., CPP (Administrator)

    (Click on the post title to view in a new webpage with a larger view)

    AUGUST 2019

  • 23 Jul 2019 9:30 AM | Kevin Falcon, Cr.Photog., CPP (Administrator)

    Workshop Recap: Nikky LaWell - Refining and Operating Your Home Business 

    On July 20th, PPGH member Nikky LaWell, presented a workshop to our members about refining andoperating your home business. After introducing herself to the group and a round of participant introductions, she discussed shared ideas on how to set up and run your home-based photography studio. There was a great handout (19 pages) that had great resources such as: customer service (what it is); books to read; websites to research; phone script ideas; email communications; process & procedures; sales; Thank Yous; and social media. 

    She spent a great deal on explaining that you must know who your customer is and ways to identify them as well as how to meet them. She allowed ample time for everyone to ask questions as we learned new topics. The handout was great as it allowed everyone to listen and take notes along the margins!

    After lunch we did a tour of Nikky’s office space and she walked us through a sample customer phone call and discussed how she has scripts she has developed to help drive the discussion with a new client so she has captures all she needs to get started in her session planning. She showed us her previous notes that she used for a previous family session client. She drew out the placement of the family members so when she was on location she did not waste time. She had several family poses set up. She also told us some of her more challenging sessions when the weather did not want to cooperate and how she overcame those challenges.

    Our day went quickly and everyone was very enthusiastic to apply their new learning. Another great PPGH workshop in the books. Thank you, Nikky!

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