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Review of Commercial Drone Workshop

19 Mar 2024 10:39 AM | Kathleen Kinser, CPP (Administrator)

  • PPGH Commercial Drone Photography Workshop by: 

    Michael Reiland, FAA Certified Drone Pilot, M. Photog., CPP

    I had the pleasure of attending Michael Reiland’s Drone workshop on Saturday and I learned more than I thought I would.  The workshop was held at the new business location of Integrity Images, on 249 near Beltway 8 in NW Houston.  Michael recently moved into their new production/office space and it is looking great with several large acrylic prints on the walls from Michael’s trips around the world. 

    • A few observations,

    • Wow, it is a different world when flying a drone versus holding a camera in your hand. 
    • Drone photography is mostly ‘Available Light’ photography.  A drone pilot doesn’t have to lug around a lot of heavy equipment, in fact, the drone is very light weight. 
    • Drone photography is loads of fun and allows you the freedom to capture the subject from new and exciting angles, and even from directly overhead and way up high.
    • Drone photography is terrific for real estate photography, whether you’re taking stills or video - you truly have a bird’s eye view.
    • The quality from drone cameras produce stunning high-resolution still and 4K video with many advanced camera settings and features.

Michael shared several ways drones can be used to make money in the photography/videography world including, industrial, construction, real estate, engineering, corporate events & teams, weddings, and senior photography.

Michael stressed the importance of earning a drone pilot’s license in order to sell drone photography commercially.  He discussed the times of day when you can and can’t fly, restricted locations (such as near an airport), and weather conditions you must consider when flying.  Michael shared lots of do’s and don’ts about flying as well as camera settings for video. 

After lunch we flew the drones at 3 different locations.  First was a commercial location with a mid-size strip center.  The drone can fly up to 400 high and 1500 feet from the controller, so Michael was able to capture images of commercial buildings on both sides of Hwy 249.  For the second location we went to a nearby park where others flew their drones and fortunately, everyone was able to keep their drones away from the trees and out of the lake. The third location was back at Michael’s office where he dared to fly under and over the overpass to capture images of cars and workshop participants.  This was truly the hands-on workshop.  I don’t own a drone but was able to fly one during the workshop… I wasn’t brave enough to fly over the water though.

In summary, I would recommend Michael’s workshop to anyone who wants to know more about drones.  If you already have a drone, I think you will still benefit and learn from Michael and this workshop.  If you’re considering getting into the drone market, the workshop can open your eyes to things that will help you make decisions when pursuing getting started, becoming certified, or investing in your next drone.  Either way, you’re going to have fun.

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