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Review of Go Pro: LIghting & Posing Workshop

07 Nov 2023 9:58 AM | Kathleen Kinser, CPP (Administrator)

Lighting & Posing Workshop

Presented by Sonia Ahmad

I attended a wonderful lighting and posing workshop taught by Sonia Ahmad. During the workshop, it was clear that her home studio is very well organized  with everything in its own place.  Sonia uses a lighting simulation program to perfect her lighting and advised us to "Practice, Practice, Practice" to become proficient in lighting.

Demonstrations started with a one light setup and progressed to using four lights, using the workshop attendees as models. She demonstrated both low key and high key setups.  Because she believes in getting the image correct in camera, Sonia uses a light meter to measure the lighting & a Color Expo disc for color consistency.  Our questions were answered fully and with a demonstration, if necessary. 

During her consultation with the client, Sonia asks what they want the photograph to convey about them.  It could be anywhere from friendliness to portraying a tough exterior, but it is important that the photographer know what result the client wants to portray in their images.  Sonia uses Capture One while tethered to her camera which shows the images on a screen that the client can see during the session. This allows the client to view the images during the session and they discuss any changes that may be needed.  We were able to see how all this works together with a branding client who came in for her session during the workshop.

We were encouraged to set everything up before the client arrives to be seen as an experienced, competent and efficient professional photographers able to capture the vision the client desires.  It is clear that Sonia believes in organization and "Practice, Practice, Practice" to get it right in camera.  At the close of the workshop, Sonia shared the images and we certainly could see that a minimum amount of time would be spent post-processing so she could deliver the images that evening.  As a bonus, we each received a headshot from Sonia and printed copies of the lighting setups from the simulation program she uses. 

Review by Kathy Kinser


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