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Review of Greg & Lesa Daniels Class at Texas School

10 Oct 2021 4:56 PM | Kathleen Kinser, CPP (Administrator)

Texas School 2021    Greg and Lesa Daniels Class

Review by Diana Waguespack

Hi everyone, I wanted to thank the PPGH for providing me with the Scholarship this year.  I attended Texas School of Professional Photography and was in Greg and Lesa Daniels Class, “Taking your Studio to the Next Level”.  First let me say if you have never attended Texas School then you are missing out on some fantastic education and experience.  Texas School is a week-long class held every year (the last week of April first week of May) in Arlington Texas, and is filled with great instructors, trade show, parties, and many photographers from all over.  If you don’t know Greg and Lesa Daniels, they are just a joy to know and to take their class.  They are nationally recognized husband and wife duo who create exquisite portraits and are always willing to share their knowledge and experience.  They have portrait photography galleries in both Indialantic and Titusville Florida.  As you know Greg was our PPA president last year and has achieved both the title of Master of Photography and The American Society of Photographers Fellowship, a member of Camera craftsmen of America and International Society of Portrait Artist.  If you have not taken their class before it is a great class and something for everyone.  I took their class ten years ago at Texas School and I decided to take the class again this year to learn more and all I could from them, and I am happy I did.  The class focused on building a successful business, creating the buzz in your marketplace, unique low cost and highly effective marketing, Greg and Lesa’s “Trigger Market” concepts, creating stunning images with studio lighting, building an experience base brand, and photographing for large sales, catering to the client, and more.  This class was just packed with so much good information and was a lot of fun!  The class started with learning to give yourself permission to be able to move forward to where you want to be, to have the confidence needed.  The Daniels give their clients a great experience but more important is they speak to the soul through their images and give the client value in their portraits they create. When the Daniels approach the client, they are speaking to their spirit thus creating a relationship which is so important to provide the client their portrait art that is meaningful and a beautiful wall portrait they will cherish forever.  

We began the class asking yourself What do you sell?  How does it make your clients life better?  What do your potential clients think you do?  How do they get in touch with you on your website?  These are just some of the questions we had to ask ourselves and someone in the class just by looking at our websites and evaluating how the client views us.  Having a good website is important.  Having your branding for the client you wish to serve is also important and knowing what you want them to purchase, what you want them to “put in their shopping cart” when they come to you is one of the most important things photographers should know.  Giving the client an experience is not what the client is buying they are buying a product you have created for them; the experience is important but is part of your branding and marketing.  Making things really clear to the client is what is needed and will increase your sales.  Start with the end in mind and visualize what the game will look like, are just a touch on what we learned.  

Greg and Lesa are known for their Classic Elegance, Environmental, and Studio Monochromatic portraits.  We learned posing and arranging families for their portraits in an Environmental setting in nature according to the scene and beauty of the surroundings.  Also, how it’s important to have met with the client for a consultation before the session.  During the consultation is when they will choose the location along with the size of the wall portrait where it will hang.  Knowing the measurements of the finished piece, along with the environment the piece will be hung helps to create the finished product.  For the Classic Elegance we had two ballet dancers come in to work with studio lights.  Greg did a couple different lighting set ups using one light, then two lights.  Greg and Lisa showed us how they work together with the client, Greg photographing and Lesa helping to show the model posing by demonstrating the pose herself to create a beautiful studio portrait.  They both put the client at ease and were able to photograph some amazing expressions and looks.  Greg then talked about how he creates his style of art with photoshop and painting techniques.  The next day we even saw a printed piece of the ballet dancers with his artwork printed on beautiful fine art paper.

We talked about marketing and what type of photographer and artist do you want to be and what type of clients are you desire.  Finding your lane in your business and selling to the client who is in your lane by having your brand recognizable.  Working with those who want to work with you, who love and appreciate what you do and value you are the recipe needed for success.  Having this gives you the passion that will shine through in your business.

We learned so much and they really did hold our hand helping us to step into the next level of success in our businesses.  I really can’t say enough about how wonderful this class was.  They have both along the years always encouraged me and I am so blessed to know them.  Next year when you’re looking for a great class, I recommend Greg and Lesa Daniels as one of the top classes I have ever taken at Texas School. 

Greg and Lesa with my certificate on the last day of class


        Studio Lighting with dancers       Greg’s finished portraits of dancers

  Our class learning environmental posing

Greg one of my mentors

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