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Workshop Review by Shelly England

02 Mar 2022 7:25 PM | Kathleen Kinser, CPP (Administrator)

Colt’ivating Great Clients Workshop

Colt Melrose Workshop on March 1, 2022

Colt Melrose put on a very impressive workshop at his Silver Street Studio for 10 participants from Houston and the Brazos Valley. Colt started by having everyone do some personal mapping on their personality traits and what drives them. Everyone shared and gleaned insight into why some of us do what we do.

Colt and his wife, Lindy, have put lots of effort and education into developing their successful business and it really shows. He told us about the mentors he has and how he has implemented some important procedures that make his business run smoothly while trying to keep a home/work balance. Colt and Lindy have 4 adorable children at home, so they are busy!

Colt had a client come in for a mini session so he could show us his work flow and how he handles a shoot. While she was in make-up with Lindy, we walked over to the Buffalo Brewery for a quick lunch and continued our conversations. It was a beautiful day and the view on the 3rd floor is spectacular.

When we got back to the studio, we watched Colt shoot pictures and engage with his client all the way through the image selection process and ordering. Lots of very useful tips were given. We were all mesmerized watching him go through the images with his client. He talked about follow-up with clients and how important it is and different ways to do this.

After the client left, we continued on talking about the importance of gaining your client’s trust and educating them on the value you are providing them with your services. We talked about vendors and outsourcing what you don’t love to do. Colt continued showing us some of his favorite books on business he has read. The day flew by and we were all so engaged the whole time, I think we could do a second day with Colt! I highly recommend this class to all who are in photography business regardless of the genre you shoot. ~ Shelly England

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