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Workshop Review by Ron Vachon

04 Mar 2022 12:56 PM | Kathleen Kinser, CPP (Administrator)

Learning TikTok & Instagram Reels with Leslie Cervantez

You know the last time you went to a meeting and the speaker asked you to put away your phone?

You were NOT at Leslie Cervantez’s workshop.IMG_0092.JPG

We’ve all heard that video is the way of the future for marketing.  You’re going to get more views on your social media when you use video instead of static pictures.

In this fun, hands-on class, Leslie opened our eyes to the capabilities of the Tik Tok app and how to make short videos\Reels for TikTok & Instagram on your phone; no video camera required.  She gave us loads of lighting, speaking and audio tips & tricks to make the videos look better.

We learned how to find trending audio clips and build our videos around that audio.  Since the audio is already trending there is a better chance TikTok will share your video with more of their users.  She even showed us the difference between Solo, Stitched and Duet videos.

Leslie showed us how to use the Profile and the Insights pages for analytics.  Later in the day she showed us how to screen record the video created in Tik Tok and un-brand it (as a TikTok video) for Instagram**.  

**Instagram doesn’t like to show TikTok branded videos.

Ok, so I haven’t made my first TikTok video myself yet, but I’m committed to do it.  Follow Tara Flannery on Instagram; she is burning it up out there with hers. 

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