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August Monthly Meeting Recap

18 Aug 2022 2:08 PM | Duane Blocker, CPP (Administrator)

Monthly Meeting Recap – Brittni Schroeder – How to Price your Photography

We enjoyed a wonderful presentation last night from Brittni, who lives right here in Spring, TX, with her husband and 2 teens. She was an open book in sharing with us the logical means and methods she used to both market herself and price her work in a brand new market, when she moved to El Paso, TX, a few years back.

I want to share several links that she encouraged all of us to go to, and work through, to get a much better grasp of our own “money mindset” and “pricing guide”, as well as her email and social media links:

Instagram – brittni.schroeder

Facebook – redefine your business

Email –

Here are some great “takeaways” from her presentation:

1 – The way you think about money (ie your “money mindset”) is what will determine what you think you are worth.

2 – There is money everywhere…you just have to find it!

3 – Create your ideal client “avatar”…name her…who is she? Where does she hang out? Who are her friends? What products does she use? 

4 – If your prices are too low, potential clients may conclude that what you’re offering doesn’t offer a supreme value.

5 – Simplify your price list! Too much is overwhelming!

6 – If you offer packages/collections, make your most expensive/top one, your “anchor price”….it makes the next collection look that much more valuable in comparison (and its this “next” one…middle one…that you want to drive clients to!)

7 – Don’t put any digital files in your lowest/bottom collection/package (because that’s what they all want)…make them go to the next level package to get them.

Again, Brittni’s program was wonderful! All her points were so valid and applicable, and she’d applied every one of them in her real life situation as a professional photographer in the El Paso area.

She told us all to contact her anytime if we had additional questions. Take a look at her links above!

Happy pricing!!

Maryanne Keeling

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