All members are required to subscribe to the following code of ethics when applying for or renewing membership:

I, the undersigned, as a requirement for admission to and retention of membership and participation in the Professional Photographers Guild of Houston agree to strive at all times to conduct myself and my business by the highest professional and ethical standards. In all dealings with the public, fellow professionals and others who aspire to professional image making, I will:

Above all, conduct myself with honesty, decency and respect for others.

Strive to present all services and products in an atmosphere of integrity and professionalism.

Not employ any marketing or competitive practice which appears misleading, untrue or unethical, violates any Federal Trade Commission or other federal or state statutes, rules or regulations or any decision of any federal or state court.

Always strive to produce products and services in accordance with the highest levels of skill and professionalism.

Gladly share my knowledge and skills so as to constantly elevate the art and science of my profession.

Hold the name of fellow professional image makers with the same respect as my own.

I understand that these requirements are the basis of my membership. The Code of Ethics is our foundation for maintaining and elevating the craft of professional photography/video/art and its practitioners to people both within and outside the industry. If, in a majority opinion of the PPGH Board of Directors, I breach any part of the Code of Ethics, my continued membership and benefits may be restricted or terminated.

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