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An Active member is defined as a Photographer who is or desires to become a professional photographer/visual artist creating work in various mediums, still or motion, within the scope of the professional photography industry. Below are the requirements to be submitted to the Board of Directors to be considered and approved for Active member status. Annual dues are $95/year.

  • Recommended a copy of your current DBA in good standing.
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  • Recommended  a copy of your current sales tax certificate in good standing.
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  • Annual dues are $95/year.

Active member status entitles member to full voting and office holding privileges, discounted educational opportunities, participation in the Active image competition in their respective categories, and proper use of the PPGH logo. It is preferred the Active member also be an active member in good standing with PPA and TPPA.


Members  may attend PPGH functions, such as seminars, meetings, etc, for member discount fees. Anyone applying for membership or any current member is subject to the "Code of Business Ethics" which is part of the PPGH By-Laws. These will be strictly enforced by the "Board of Directors". Anyone not in compliance may be placed on probation or have their membership revoked without refund or reimbursement.

Revised 9/20/23

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