What If...
…..You came home to discover your home on fire and only had time to save a handful of possessions, what would you take? If you’re like many, your first instinct might be to gather as many irreplaceable photographs and portraits as you could carry, including your wedding and children’s albums.

As important as your family memories are, how much time do you invest in selecting the right photographer to capture them? Are all professional photographers pretty much the same? Is there any difference in working with an independent portrait studio versus a mass-market chain studio? Can you be certain that your wedding photographer upholds high ethical business standards as well as receives quality continuing professional education?

Welcome to the Professional Photographers Guild of Houston. As one of the largest chapters of the Professional Photographers of America, the Guild serves as home to the very best portrait, wedding and commercial photographic talent in Houston. Included in its ranks are many nationally recognized photographic artist who donate much of their time teaching fellow professionals around the country.

Member Photographer…

All members must conform to a strict code of ethical and business practices, your assurance that you are dealing with a serious professional.

Prospective members must submit samples of their work for peer review by the Board of Directors upon applying for full active status.

In an emergency situation, members have immediate access to  Guild photographers to cover weddings and other time specific events.

Members are presented with the continuing education from the highest quality photographic artists in the world. Now you can be sure that your photographer is up-to-date on the latest trends in portraiture.

Active member applicants must meet minimum requirements for years in business and quality of work as well as submit both personal and professional references. You can feel safe in the knowledge that your photographer is not going to disappear tomorrow.

The membership encompasses many dedicated professional businessmen and women who specialize in specific areas of their craft, be it weddings, children, seniors, commercial or families. Their commitment to the professional photographic industry is reflected in their work and their business skills.

Degrees & Qualifications

Many members of the PPGH have gone through extensive training and have passed a rigid test in order to receive their CPP status. (PPA Certified)

Many members have also worked, trained, participated in competitions and presented programs designed to assist fellow members around the country. Through continued perseverance within the profession, they have earned their "Master of Photography", "Photographic Craftsman" and /or "Electronic Imaging" degrees.

When selecting a PPGH member who has earned any one of these degrees, you have an additional guarantee as to their knowledge and ability to effectively service your portrait needs.

General Information

The Professional Photographers Guild of Houston is a Affiliate Member of the Professional Photographers of America (PPA). Each ACTIVE member of the Houston Guild is a member of the PPA.

The Houston chapter is primarily an association of professional portrait and wedding photographers. Other members also include videographers, artists, and other photographic craftsmen.

The Guild’s primary purpose is to help members achieve an increasingly higher level of excellence in all aspects of the photographic industry. This includes not only artistic creation and visualization, but business and marketing skills in order to operate a successful, upstanding business.

The association has general membership meetings once each month, where guest speakers present seminars on the industry. The Guild also has up to three additional specialized meetings each month, where members can exchange ideas and information.

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