PPGH Members No Longer With Us

A list of PPGH's members who have passed away. We honor their memories and pay respect.

  • Tom Bailey
  • Chris Bechtold
  • Harold Bishop
  • Bob Dixon
  • Bob Edward
  • Murray Getz
  • Tim Gilmore
  • Paul Gittings
  • Mike Hill, CPP
  • Bill Jones 
  • Joe Maurer
  • Arch Heatherwick
  • Harper Leiper
  • Art Manning
  • Kaye Marvins
  • Gene Smith
  • Rick Staudt, M.Photog., Cr. 
  • Henry Stern
  • Jack Stiles
  • Gene Swinney
  • X.J. Thompson
  • Bill Trainer
  • Al Vasquez
  • Allen Woodallen

Please let us know if you know a PPGH member who has passed and PPGH was not notified.

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