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Workshop: SMART Goals for 2021. Instructor: Thersa Couch

02 Feb 2021 10:16 AM | Kathleen Kinser, CPP (Administrator)

Thersa Couch’s full-day workshop, Smart Goals for 2021, was very informative and inspiring.  The participants completed specific personal and professional plans and goals for the future using the SMART system. 

The morning session covered the importance of a clear vision and goal setting and how it affects a business. Participants were encouraged to dream big when planning and goal setting to push themselves to achieve more by broadening their current scope of thinking.  Some realized that plans were more attainable than they previously believed when thinking outside of the box.  Everyone was encouraged to look back on 2020 to identify what worked, what did not and how that can advice us now while setting goals for 2021.

The afternoon session covered how to be SMART when setting goals. Participants worked on defining their own purpose and mission in life.  After analyzing the past year and thinking through possible goals for the future, participants worked to set realistic intentions and SMART goals.  Goals discussed included Print Competitions and attaining a CPP certification.  Both personal and professional goals were set that would guide the participants to success in 2021.

Next participants were shown how to help keep goals on track.  Thersa discussed different ways to be held accountable for goals as well as how to find help and support.  Some methods discussed including books, coaches, groups, partners, white board, vision board, and goal setting web apps. Thersa showed us how she uses the web app Asana for her goals. 


It was wonderful to have goals reviewed, critiqued, and expanded on by Thersa.  Some participants had invaluable expertise in different areas and because it was such an interactive class they were able to share that with the other participants. The participants were very open and supportive of each other’s goals which made it a pleasure to be in the workshop.  The participants finished this workshop with realistic concrete SMART goals and knowledge on how to stay motivated and find support to reach their goals in the future. 

Review by Patty Okelberry


  • 02 Feb 2021 10:32 AM | Kathy Kinser
    I've heard from some attendees that Thersa shared tips and tricks throughout her presentation.
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  • 02 Feb 2021 11:51 AM | Thersa Couch
    Thank you for the great write up Patty! It was great to have you at the workshop and I look forward to following up with you on your 2021 goals! <3
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