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The Artist Within by Shelly England

22 Jul 2021 6:56 PM | Kathleen Kinser, CPP (Administrator)

Texas School 2021 - The Artist Within by Shelly England

Kimberly Smith is such a talented artist and was an inspiration to all in her

class at Texas School 2021. The week flew by and was so much fun each day.

There were 3 of us from the Houston Guild in her class.

Our main project was photograph then paint a scene. We had 2 adorable

models: Emmaline, Jenny Eisenhauers 2 year old baby girl and the cutest

fluffy puppy that was our wrangler, Ken Hatley’s dog. The shoot was fun and

both cooperated.

From there, Kimberly showed us her process and inspirational ideas for

editing and painting the photo of the baby and puppy.

I learned so many things in Photoshop that I didn’t know before. It’s the

little things that make it all fun. We always started in layers and made 2

copies of the background like a hamburger. There are many different ways

that artists paint, even in Photoshop. Kimberly is a no frills painter - no

special pen, brushes, etc. She uses what is available in Photoshop with a

couple of additions from Topaz. We took the picture of the baby and puppy

section by section and learned tips and tricks such as extending a dress to

the floor, adding a pink bow, adding sleeves to a sleeveless dress and painting

eyes to name a few things. She showed us how to add flowers and place them

and also how to add a headband. All the details make the art come to life.

We got the picture painted as far as we could, then Kimberly showed us how

she mats her own prints and how to make a torn edge mat. It was a perfect

ending to a week of learning that I thoroughly enjoyed! If given the chance, I

would take this class again in a heartbeat! This was my first Texas School

class and I look forward to many more!


  • Love, love, love Kimberly as a person and as an artist! So glad you took her class. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in creating artistic images!
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