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Underwater Art Photography by Diana Waguespack, Diana Marie Fine Art

17 Nov 2020 12:19 PM | Laura Mansur, Cr. Photog., CPP (Administrator)

        Underwater photography can be fun but challenging and it can take a lot of work to create a fabulous work of art. Although the basic technique may be similar, no two sessions are the same. But that's why I love it! Whether it be sports artists, beauty queens, mermaids, designer gowns, families, children in costumes, maternity, or even wedding dresses, each underwater session has its own unique set of circumstances. Many of my clients have seen underwater images before they come in and I will tell them that we can create the look and feel they want but I'm careful to tell them that we cannot create an exact image of one they've seen. One reason is the unpredictability of photographing in the water and the other reason is that I prefer to create a vision of my own. To achieve results that please the client as well as my own artistic vision, I'll make a list of thoughts and ideas ahead ofttimes and well often draw a thumbnail sketch of the concept I'm trying to achieve. Still, there will be elements that are planned as well as others that are unplanned. Again, that is what makes it fun and challenging.

               There is something about photographing underwater that makes me feel free whether I'm on the bottom of the pool or floating on top of the water. My artistic vision is clear, and I see images fly through my mind. After the session I download the RAW images to Lightroom and do a quick color correction and a few adjustments, then I bring the image into Photoshop where I create the art. It's magic for me to photograph and then create the image and watch it come to life. The best reward is when the client receives the image and just love it and has something to cherish always as was the case in my image, "My Baby Girl My Love". This was her third(and last) baby and she wanted something special to remember this time in their lives. 

       I traditionally photograph  everything in the water, although sometimes I need an element that I cannot  put into the pool, such as a brick wall.  I used the brick wall in  my image 'Resistance', (this image went Loan at Imaging 2019). I do have a story in mind when I am creating whether it be for myself or a client. This image was created for Fashion Designer Alantude (Alan Gonzales) and hug in his 2018 fall fashion show. His vision for fashion was coming  out fo the darkness and rain into the light of a new time (as Houston was recovering from hurricane Harvey). I photographed some elements/objects, the chains, black birds, silver fabric, and tree branches. Then I combined these objects with the models in Alan's fall designs to create the piece "Resistance" showing the struggle the had been and the striving for new and to be let free. This image received awards at PPGH, TPPA and went Loan for Imaging USA 2019. I can say it is one of my favorite pieces I've created and I hope you enjoy my work. If you have an interest in Underwater Photographic Art, please let me know. 

It's Where the Magic Begins!


  • 23 Nov 2020 3:49 PM | Kathleen Kinser, CPP (Administrator)
    Your art pieces are beautiful. Thanks for sharing the pre-planning with the client & the discussion before the session.
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  • 13 Dec 2020 2:17 PM | Karen Butts
    I love what you do and I'm so proud of what you have accomplished!
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